About BCB

Bringing Crafty Back is a fun and funky site devoted to making you feel like you can embrace the challenges of crafting.

We enjoy crafts as much as the next person, but don’t you get tired of messing them up everytime?!? Seriously!

BCB work hard to explain the ins and outs of a project with basiceasy-to-read explanationsinstructions, and most importantly, images!  We carefully work through a craft as many times as it takes, so that you only have to do it once.  We tell you what we had to run back to the store for, which steps were unnecessary, which were skipped, and how in the world do you get that thingymabob to stay in place.

We don’t know it all, nor do we pretend we know it all. We’re in this journey with you. We’ll share our crafty fails and our crafty wins, in hopes of reminding you that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Why does any of this matter?

We fully believe that creating space for beauty in the everyday breeds motivation and renewed energy. No, it’s not a quick fix. And, we’re not saying that if you run out to your local craft store and spend $60 that you’ll be energized to conquer the world.

Yet, the sense of pride, accomplishment and contentment crafting brings will surely motivate you to continue on in the pursuit of other aspirations.

We offer plenty of inspiration for getting creative, including FREE STUFF, custom designed by Kelly. Think of Bringing Crafty Back as your personal creative cheer squad.

And, we can’t wait for you to share and link up with all of the crafts you have created yourself.


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